Bridgeport Library

When: 2nd Year Architecture Studio
Project: Materials Study: Wood
Description: Given a site in Bridgeport, at the corner of Halsted and 34th street, design a library.

Concept: Following the Weekend House project, I continued the concept of distinctive roof construction. The plan is slave to a grid system, so that the “disorder” of the roof/canopy system can be rooted into logic. The grid is extended tot he roof construction but then the varied heights in the roof operate as extruded rectangles and rectangular voids. The varied heights are meant to emulate a mini city of sorts, and appear as a sanctuary rather than a book depository.

Other Considerations?
A) Take up most of the lot – Though the footprint of the building is small, the inclusion of the canopy system offers the community the space to occupy rather than just pass through.

B) Spatial Variety – The Library will function in all weather, but the canopy system creates a dynamic shelter for the public to use when it’s nice out. The courtyards allow for patrends to experience the outside in more calm and controlled conditions.This is especially relevant to the main courtyard being attached to the children’s section, as safety is an obvious concern.

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