American and EU dual citizen currently living and studying in Berlin. Former East Coast native who transplanted to the Midwest. My professional and technical skills have developed through working in the non-profit sector. I’m focused on the holistic and intersectionality of urban politics, sustainable community development, grassroots organizing, and urban planning.

    SDG Literacy Toolkits

    I joined SDSN Youth starting June 2021 to develop the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Literacy Toolkit. It’s exciting to say the first six chapters of the SDG Literacy Toolkit are now live! Since first joining…

    Hike: Why Borgsdorf is my Favorite

    I’ve taken a half dozen hikes starting from Borgsdorf into the Briesetal forest. The Briesetal was mined by glacier movements during the Ice Age and cut through by the river Briese. Along a three hour…

    Hike: Straussee

    12.03 kilometers through the Ruheforst Strausberg, Herrensee, and Straussee.  [Tour Link] The “Ruheforst” Strausberg is a forest cemetery where people can be buried in a tree. At first the plaques are easy to miss, but…

    Hike: Grunewald Heerstraße

    Grunewald is located in the western side of Berlin on the east side of the Havel. On this frosty day in January I hiked up to the Drachenberg, a hill that provides an excellent vantage…

    Hike: Tegeler See

    There used to be a busy industrial port here, but the operation largely came to a standstill with the division of Germany. The first conversion took place in the 1980s: as part of the international…

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