Hike: Grunewald Heerstraße

Grunewald is located in the western side of Berlin on the east side of the Havel. On this frosty day in January I hiked up to the Drachenberg, a hill that provides an excellent vantage point for looking out over the city. This hike was all about elevation change, which was refreshing after so many flat hikes. It was especially picturesque as a light snow fell, but I’ll admit I didn’t stay very long on the Drachenberg as it had a very brisk wind.

The only other people up there were what looked like army ROTC guys running up and down the hill.

I did not got to, but could see, the manmade hill Teufelsberg, which at 120 meters is the highest point of elevation in all of Berlin. At its summit, there is an abandoned US radar tower that was used as a listening station during the Cold War.